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Are you looking to grow your business? We help businesses develop and execute complex strategies. We promote websites and get them to the top of search engines. With a 96%+ client retention rate, my team and I currently operate successful client acquisition systems affecting 27 different industries. Josh Meah has a team of designers, writers, marketers and problem solvers who work together to make your websites successful. We offer web design, brand strategy and online marketing services. Call (202) 603-6055 for a free consultation or visit to explore more.
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Our Locations: Times Square, NYC. Summit, NJ. & Brighton, UK.

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Unleash the Power of Video and Take Control of Your Marketing. Go Viral with Video.

VIDEO MESSAGING: GETTING THE WORD OUT is the corporate video production company your business needs. We collaborate with you to create compelling video messages for multiple platforms including websites, social media, and YouTube. The goal is always to increase?traffic and raise conversion rates.

Control panel of video editing software.


Video Style

We offer a wide range of corporate video styles for you to choose from. Professional presentations, whiteboard hand-drawn sketches, motion graphics, 2-D and 3-D animations, and more!

Unlimited Revisions

You can make revisions at any stage of the production process. We’ll only move forward when you’re ready.

Top-notch Script Writers

The script is the foundation of any video’s success. Our corporate video production services include talented scriptwriters who will craft a message which communicates your message and value proposition clearly and effectively.

Fast Turnaround

We can produce high-quality videos in a very short period of time–sometimes even 2-3 days. We’ll work with you to create a timeline guaranteeing quality.

Excellent Quality-to-Price Ratio

We offer superb value for your dollar. Our quality video production services, rapid turnaround, and flexibility will leave you completely satisfied.

Dedicated Team

You’ll have a dedicated production team you can always contact with ideas, questions, and feedback. Our collaboration efforts are unrivaled as we work with you to make sure your video message is the best it can be.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a leading digital marketing and corporate video production company, all of our videos are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied at any point, we’ll give you a full refund with no hassle. All the risk is on us–we will deliver for you.

Two Valuable Bonuses

We value our partners and want to make sure you are pleased with the work produced. To that end, we also have two unique bonus offers for your peace of mind:

1– We’ll make changes up to two months after the video is complete.

2– We’ll also make two versions with different calls-to-action, so you can test them to see which message works best for you.


I want to help you grow your business. I bring an unbeatable work ethic and a track record of starting and growing?four profitable marketing companies that serviced over 15 industries. With a 96%+ client retention rate, my team and I currently operate successful client acquisition systems across 27 different industries. My team currently manages digital marketing campaigns across 27 different industries, so we are confident our business consultation services can greatly improve your branding, marketing strategy, and online presence. With a 96+% client retention rate, our clients agree that our data-driven marketing works. Contact Josh today to see how.

Aren't you tired of settling for electronic marketing that isn't tracked or just flat out doesn't work?

Is your team lacking in digital marketing creativity or strategic direction?

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency capable of providing reliable solutions for growing your business and increasing revenue?

Josh Meah welcomes you with a warm smile.

Then work with a creative, talented, and transformational marketing agency led by a proven entrepreneur.

The first insight you'll have while working with me is: This guy gets it! He understands me and really cares about transforming my business.

The second insight is: Your business can (and will!) genuinely improve through trackable, data-driven marketing based on innovative strategies developed specifically for your business and industry.

The third insight is: The vision you've had for your business can be realized, and even magnified, with the help of a qualified growth partner.

My one rule, however, is that you and your company must be very good at what you do.

Beyond that, my business consultant services are a perfect fit for any business or organization seeking local customers and a uniquely qualified partner to collaborate with on projects involving startups, unique industries, special market penetration challenges, innovative technologies, cross-cultural communications, business model/sales process development, process engineering, sales training, digital marketing strategies, leadership, and the transition from local to regional or national.

I'll help you discover what is most special about your business–then we'll execute a strategy that shares this unique quality with your ideal market.

Contact me at [email protected], or call (202) 603-6055.

Let’s start achieving your goals today!

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